Beverage fixations

I like associating certain beverages with certain tasks. Mostly it’s coffee. I tried maté again for a while but I just couldn’t incorporate it. There might have been some instances of me spelling hot water on myself from a silicon maté gourd. Plus, it’s a lighter taste. Coffee’s not a lighter taste. There’s heft to it. Heft meaning how much or little of it one has to drink in order to feel nauseous. You can drink maté for hours before you start getting caffeine jitters. I used to have some amazing middle-of-the-night reasoned paranoia jitters from it in college. Coffee, you drink it for hours and you’re not doing it right, you’re probably clammy and nauseous and praying to Cthulhu to come and give you sleep, even if its endless. Ergo, heft. I’m trying peppermint tea at night now instead of trying to make weaker coffee or maté. I have high hopes, which I’m sure will soon be dashed—the peppermint tea isn’t here yet. I have days to anticipate a new beverage fetishization and my inevitable disappointment. It’s not going to taste like peppermint ice cream. It will be hot, it will be tea, it will have no sugar. But I’ll feel guilty enough about the twenty bag box to at least finish it before continuing the search.

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