Old ideas

Thinking about ideas burning out, there are so many gone. I’m not sure I’ve talked about it on Summing-Up, but at one point I came across a hundred-page draft I had completely forgotten. I remembered one scene out of those pages. I didn’t even remember character names. I must have worked on it for over a month. It was a writing exercise I was trying, probably while I was still sending out queries on the first novel. I don’t even think I saved it when I was going through old writing a couple years ago. The one thing I’ve noticed I haven’t been able to fix since MFA? I don’t read my own stuff any more. I edit the good stuff. But I don’t even try with the bad stuff. I started this post out twice, failed both times, took a wisp of a concept from the second draft, came up with this post. But only because calling it “Old ideas” would tie it into the last post, even though it was never meant to accompany. Writing takes a lot of time.

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