The Savior

So, I’m not going to do this project because I think it’s too crass and it doesn’t take important things about how the world is changing seriously. But I did have the idea so if anyone wants it, I want a fucking story credit. Either my name or a pseudonym, which I just picked out and it’s surprising. Anyone. The idea is M. Night Shyamalan sees how the world is going—post-election—and shoots an add-on ending to his new movie tying it into an old movie he did and implies a sequel many years later. No spoilers is important. Only place I ever did spoilers was Alan Smithee Podcast because you have to do spoilers on that sort of thing. The plot twists we subjected ourselves to seeing on a regular basis, we deserved to do spoilers. We watched The Net. Anyway. It turns out M.—and the movie or story or whatever could be called M. The Savior is the name of M. Night’s movie about how he’s tried to correct the timeline by continuing his failed film franchise. He thinks he has the power to save the universe. Only him. And so then the story is about how he fails and it turns out the world wasn’t going to be saved by him. Only he dies thinking he’s saving the world. There’s some kind of pageantry to his death. Maybe it’s Mother Night and he’s—and, see, here’s where there’s a problem and it’s too crass. When I think about the future, I think about Nazis. And time lines don’t get magicked better. But it’s hard to turn down that part of my brain—the connection seeking one—The Savior Complex could be a far more serious take on the subject, without M. Night. You’d write it hard-boiled. I could do that one too. Both play to my strengths, film trivia and Chandler-esque prose. The first time I heard that description, in MFA school, I took it as an insult. It wasn’t until later I understood how my prose works up momentum, which is something I really ought to… but I don’t have time to work on it.

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