Stay frosty

So, Summing-Up isn’t going to drastically change. I want to avoid uninformed political screeds. I have Twitter for those. But, there was something I noticed this afternoon when they brought out pictures of the inauguration crowds, blown-up. When they whined about the press not reporting millions of people. It’s a clown show. It’s a racist, evil, hostile, mortifying, clown show. I was all of a sudden concerned, so long as he doesn’t get us killed, it will quickly just become the bumbling misadventures of a racist clown bankrupting the country into his own pockets. Like a reality show. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about it until I noticed The New York Times, continuing its recent attempts at standing up to power, said he “falsely claimed” something about how many people were at the inauguration. He “claimed” to see a million or a million and a half. Unless he gave previous testimony about what he saw, he’s just wrong. He’s bad at estimating large numbers of people. People are, actually. Easy, weak digs aren’t what this situation requires. If it’s a soft target, it’s got to be a killer punch. Like if you’re some fucking Nazi who gets punched in the face while explaining his witty Neo-Nazi pin.

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