Defensive ratings

I don’t know if it was for Summing-Up or something I didn’t end up posting, but I’ve talked about how I used to try to defend a movie rating. I even got rid of them for Stop Button for a while because I didn’t want to feel too reliant on them. The hardest responses to write are the ★★★ ones. Unless it’s succeeding from a disadvantage, like if it’s ★★½ for most of it, but somehow excels. Thanks to the Internet, I’m sure there’re a lot of rating philosophies extant now. When I was a teenager, I remember we hated the ★★★★ rating system. We were teens, we hadn’t realized how unimportant someone else’s arbitrary judgement was, much less our own. I guess the difference between a ★★★ and a ★★½ post for me is the emphasis. The former is a defense of a recommendation, the later is defense of the rating.

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