Waiting for technology

I remember in college, back when I was video editing, there’d be full days where my computer would be crunching away at some kind of filter. iMovie had plugins back then. Cool ones. And for a while I was doing it on PC with Premiere. I can’t remember if I had plugins for it, but I definitely did for iMovie. iMovie was more fun to use on OS 9 than OS X. The expanded function from those plugins was great and worth waiting for. Today I had to wait about six hours for something. Something without an iMovie plug-in, because I don’t think there are those anymore, because iMovie’s kind of crap. But I kept worrying about it. I used to let my computer go for twenty-eight hours without being able to check the result and I was freaking out after a few hours today. I blame it on the phone, which doesn’t do anything for a few hours. If the phone can’t do it in fifteen seconds, it’s assumed to be broken.

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