Anachronistic, Skeuomorphic Sentimentalism

This post will be a long-winded, “in my day” of blogging post. I don’t actually like The Stop Button’s theme the most of the ones I’ve used. It’s just the best I could do when mobile changed the web. The current theme lends itself better to images, which I always considered too much trouble—you want a horizontal picture, but even when you’re doing pictures on desktop, it’s better with vertical. And you’re trying to get a picture of something you’re watching off a VHS tape you bought at a Comic Con ten years before? What a pain. The funniest thing about going back and re-adding pictures to all the posts a few years ago was how easy it was to find almost everything. Anyway. The post isn’t about all that stuff, not exactly. It’s about my inability to embrace the site theme. I like having things look a little out of place, just because I know I can’t get it to be what I want. Going from wordpress self-hosting to is sort of like forgetting how to read. How do you even go about it? And I just finalized next month’s movie programming, so I’m being productive.

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