Young Talk [Three of Seven]

I’m not sure if I intended to be more caught up than now but it snowed. Nothing like it appearing to have snowed enough you might get a snow day but it’s already a holiday. Anyway. I’ve realized I’ve reached the age where there’s no way to use youthful vernacular—even useful youthful vernacular—without acknowledging it. I’m just too old. What’s funny is when someone will ask me about it and I’ll have no idea, but there’s an assumption I do because of the other acknowledged youthful vernacular I use. By youthful, I mostly mean people in their early twenties. I feel like it’s a natural extension of my undergrad approach—in-person absurdity, on-paper scholarly achievement. I didn’t come up with that approach; I ripped it off from my best friend and adapted it to be more pop culture, back when I thought I’d be able to tolerate pop culture.

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