So I want to talk about a TV thing with marathoning different from watching it as aired. I don’t want to talk about the show I’m watching because there’s a lot of story to it and I don’t want to do a pop culture personal reflection. I’m sadly not much more qualified than something along those lines. I have tried to avoid mainstream pop culture phenomenons. It started with Independence Day and just got worse. Anyway. When you marathon a TV show, you notice things. You notice when actors aren’t around, you notice when the composer is different, you notice budget, you notice writers. It’s a repetition thing. But it’s different for TV because it’s accelerated. I mean, I’ve seen Star Trek II a dozen or so times in my life and I couldn’t tell you the cinematographer without checking IMDb. And there are plenty of people who’ve seen… well, not a John Carpenter movie. But there are plenty of people who’ve seen Jurassic Park dozens of times and don’t know Dean Cundey shot it. But with marathoning TV, you’re seeing the credits so many times, you’ve got expectations, will the guest star from episode three return in five after not returning in four. It’s a more predictive experience than when you’re watching it weekly. You’re not seeing the “Next Time On” tag and then waiting a week or two (and then seeing a rerun from last season in its place). You’re seeing it immediately after. Because it’s the same for any show on DVD, new or old. Maybe. It does for me, anyway. I don’t like marathoning anymore. I marathoned the last two seasons of “The Shield” in less than a week—like, a work week, so I was watching three or four episodes a night and it kind of ruined my life.

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