The Nostalgia Merchant

When I was growing up, there was a VHS distributor called The Nostalgia Merchant. They’re still around, selling old TV shows I assume they have a license to sell, but who knows? But these guys released the first uncut King Kong, which I got summer 1988, along with the uncut Frankenstein. Frankenstein was new to sell-through. Buying VHS tapes was a hassle because if you looked into it, you understood the pricing. Retail, sell-through, retail, sell-through. Then DVD came along and broke the home video market because… well, anyway. Nostalgia Merchant. It always seemed like the name of a ship to me. Maybe because of Kong. I associated it with Kong. I have a lot of vehicle associations with Kong, just because it was one of my most watched movies as a kid. A year earlier, at eight, I was positive they were called b-planes, not biplanes. I don’t know why. I was stupid. I was eight. There was no Internet yet. I’ve always had a lot of nostalgia for media, but it’s getting worse lately. Focused and worse.

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