Late night inquiries

I’m not up past by bedtime yet. which is interesting. It feels like I should be. Two posts to go, feels like it should be later than now. But on to the topic—when you get great ideas when it’s way too late to investigate them, but you aren’t sure how to keep track of them. I’ve gone through a lot of changes on this subject—from journals to notes to toying with the idea of using a journaling app. Here’s the thing about it—if it’s for a project you’re working on, the idea will come back. It’s based on your reading of the material, as long as the material’s on the front burner for review. I just remembered a note I had from the failed novel edit of November and it’s a big one I love and mulled a bit this morning on the drive in, but I haven’t written it down. I really like the idea. I hope I don’t forget it, but I’m irresponsibly assuming any new idea I have regarding the novel will be better. Because mentally stewing it is best. I hope.

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