50 minutes through

I’m eighty percent done listening to the first draft of the new project, which is more than I thought when I decided to write about the experience. I have a lot of jumbled ideas in it because, when I’m writing for The Stop Button or Comics Fondle (or Summing-Up), I don’t edit. It’s free. I figure my having a slightly confusing sentence about the nuance of a bad Bruce Willis performance is the cost. Confusion is the cost. There’s no editing, there’s no revision. There’s some revision. Sometimes. But after posting. I just realized I don’t like using publication because publication, to me, implies someone else publishes you. It’s too far to use it for an unpaid blog post. “Click to Publish” sounds like something Steve Jobs pitched on iWeb, which is the last time the web had any real potential. Kidding. Sort of. Anyway. I’ve already had some thoughts about restructuring and now I’m having even more. Flow is very important to me. It’s way I have relatively simple narrative structures. It’s about function and facilitation. The smoother they function, the better they facilitate the rest of the work.

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