Movie recap

I watched a lot of movies last month. Not as many as I hoped I would, not the ones I hoped I’d get around to seeing, but some of them. I was thinking of eschewing movie recaps for 2017, but I’d want to give an explanation and I’m not quite ready to announce the new project, which would have a great deal to do with the explanation. So back to front—or front to back—how does chronology work with a monthly recap? Is the front the first of the month or is it the most recent date? Dreamscape. Disappointed. Every Perry Mason disappointed, I think. Let me check. Yep, all four disappointed. And I don’t have high standards for passable television movies. ★ and I’m overjoyed. Journey Into Fear and Champion, both for blogathons, both somewhat disappointing. I knew Fear would be because otherwise everyone would rave about it. Champion’s got its problems too. Acting not one of them, however. Scripts started getting ambitious and complicated and problematic in the forties. In the thirties, they got away with a lot more. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Gave it ★★½, which is what I gave it last time. Last time being the theater almost twenty years ago. Man Who Skied Down Everest was solid, but a documentary. Documentaries ought to be solid. Dead Silence at least means I can’t say James Wan is a no talent asshat. Just at action. Then the Christmas Day marathon—Something Wicked This Way Comes, Flight of the Navigator, NeverEnding Story, Last Starfighter. All disappointing in one way or another, all impressive in one way or another. Except Navigator. She’s the One I’ve been dreading rewatching for over a decade. Tiger and the Pussycat I thought I’d seen back during my initial Eleanor Parker discovery but no. I’d remember something so weak. So, an inglorious month. Man Who Skied Down Everest wins with ★★★.

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