Late night creativity

I can’t remember the last time I was creative late at night. Not doing maintenance tasks and whatnot, but actually being generative. It’s been more than ten years. It’s been more than fifteen. Well, maybe around fifteen. I didn’t pull any all nighters in MFA school, but I did in undergrad. I didn’t in my second Master’s either. In undergrad, I had a whole system for writing papers. I had my research, which I had organized but hadn’t examined too well. I remember I put it on a table in the order I was going to go through it. There was a big process. I like the big process. Technology has made it seem dumb, however. I’m not sure it’s dumb though. At least not how you used the paper. It’s about figuring out how to “use the paper” with technology, which probably should never involve skeuomorphism.

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