Interesting gimmicks

I love a lot of gimmicks. I do. The best place for gimmicks I love was always “Alan Smithee Podcast” because I wouldn’t be able to hold back. Matt would be bewildered about why I liked this or that aspect and I’d proudly defend the gimmick I love. However, I also hate gimmicks. I absolutely loathe them in most circumstances. I try to avoid them like the plague. If I could get something done in five pages with a gimmick in prose, I’ll write sixty to get around having to do the gimmick. I find them grating. So working on the new project, which has a built-in gimmick, was something strange today. Something strange is my new phrase. It means it was interesting to me. But a lot of people—particularly problematic comics creators, let’s be honest—say “interesting” is just a polite gab. I disagree. It’s a useful description. It means something is worth investigation and consideration. Interesting places responsibility on the reader.

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