Site goals

The frustrating thing about blogging right now—with so much going on in the world—is it seems like I should be talking about it. I have all sorts of thoughts about it, which I share in snippets, whether in emails or texts or Tweets—but I don’t assemble it anywhere. Why not here? Summing-Up is from before I thought actual nuclear destruction was on the table. I don’t have any desire to write my thoughts about the end of the world; there are plenty of other white guys out there doing it. Most of them badly. By mostly, I’m being generous. I don’t read a single white guy blogger who talks about politics right now. Life’s way too short. Also white guy political columnists. I’ll watch John Oliver when he’s back. Until then, there’s one white guy twitterer who I rely on. Otherwise, it’s whatever I come across. I’m getting really sick of the liberal dimwit news sites, by the way. Liberals were supposed to be the smart ones. What the fuck ever happened to that? A dimwit news site isn’t necessarily a fake news site, it’s an exaggeration site. It’s a Chicken Little site. I think I’m using that reference correctly. Anyway. To do a serious website right now is a responsibility I can’t take on. I probably wouldn’t be good at it, anyway. So Summing-Up can’t be that kind of thing. But it’s not going to be an early twentieth century soft literary criticism site either. It was supposed to just be a writing exercise blog, but that one’s out the window. I can’t shut up now.

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