Carrie Fisher

I don’t want to write about Carrie Fisher. There’s so much. There’s Carrie Fisher when I was a kid and she was Princess Leia and how complicated that arrangement was… in my crowd, I was the blond-haired white kid, so I was Luke Skywalker. Between starting to “play Star Wars” and stopping, Princess Leia became my sister. All of a sudden, my best friend, who got to be Han Solo because he wanted to shoot things more than lift them up telekinetically (and he had brown-hair), de facto won the love triangle. I pity whatever poor girl had to be Princess Leia. Anyway. There’s that. Then there’s growing up with Star Wars, the novels in my early teens, reading Carrie Fisher’s books in my late teens; she was the first female author I read because she was the author. Until then, I might have been happy to see a particular (female) author on a Star Trek book, but I was going to read it anyway. And then coming to appreciate Carrie Fisher the script doctor; actively, instead of passively like everyone has, because she fixed some broken scripts over the years. And then Carrie Fisher since then. I saw someone on my Twitter timeline saying it’s Gen-Xers being most hit by 2016 deaths, but I’ve seen a lot of young millennials hit hardest. Because they’ve grown up with access to the best (and worst) the human race has made over the last hundred years. Carrie Fisher’s part of the biggest entertainment property of the last fifty years. Maybe all time as a single franchise; Disney’s bigger, but Disney doesn’t have a franchise like it. Or didn’t. They had to buy it. She was part of the myth of blockbusters. When Batman & Robin added Alicia Silverstone, she was supposed to be the Carrie Fisher of the Batman franchise. It was considered a smart move. Except you can’t replace Carrie Fisher. Sure, she fell in love with Han Solo, but he’s a good guy. He blasted that Greedo fucker. And it’s not like she wasn’t a badass on her own. Badder assed than Han and Luke in the Death Star. The original trilogy was about these two dudes proving themselves to Princess Leia. I mean, Jedi was and wasn’t, but taken on as part of the whole, it was. 2016 has had a lot of hard public figure deaths. I say public figures, but damn if I can remember anyone but celebrities. Henry Kissinger’s still alive, which is the greatest sign for an evil God ever. Carrie Fisher hits the hardest because she’s the earliest I made room for in my mental space. Intellectually, she’s up there too, but sentimentally, she’s at the core. I’m sorry, as a kid, I didn’t want the Leia figures. They were never first choice. Because I was a dumb kid. Kids are dumb. It’s their fault.

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