I’m trying to get used to this new keyboard. I know I said I didn’t think a peripheral post would be interesting but it’s after 10:30 and I haven’t written anything for Summing-Up, so I might as well turn a keyboard test into a post. It’s a full-size keyboard with number pad, probably the first time I’ve had a keyboard with the keypad in ten years. I don’t think I’ve had a full-size Apple keyboard since they went to the aluminum; you had to get those with USB. Well, maybe I did. But also maybe not. I had some strange custom keyboards in the late aughts because you’d get them from overseas and they’d have a slicker design. So maybe it hasn’t been ten years. Maybe it’s been six years. A long time. The idea apparently being you don’t need a keypad unless you work a boring job where Windows is acceptable. Because, let’s be honest, if Windows is acceptable, it’s probably a boring job. The keys are funny. They have a texture. They make a decent noise, however; it’s very strange to have a smooth, slick plastic keyboard. I’m going to keep trying with it though. It also doesn’t help my chair was set funny, height-wise.

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