Plugging in my keyboard

My new USB keyboard just shipped. After years with Bluetooth—starting with an Apple, moving to the awesome Logitech multi-device one—I’m going back to USB. Maybe. I definitely need it for a task, but I’m thinking about seeing if I prefer it. I also got a USB hub so I will have the ports. After racing towards the wireless future, I’m finding it’s not always best. I’m becoming brand agnostic—but reasonably, I’m not thinking of changing over to a PC for regular work, but for a home server… maybe. I don’t think NAS devices are there yet with the Intel processors. Maybe they are. I haven’t thought about it seriously. I’m not sure if I’m aging or disillusioned with Apple or what. I mean, I know I’m disillusioned with Apple to some degree, but that one’s been a long time building. Anyway. New keyboard. Woo.

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