The secret origin of Summing Up

Summing-Up is ephemeral content. Even with the Maugham reading and responses, it’s ephemeral. If there’s an archive, it’s automatically generated and I don’t even know about it. There could be one, I could make one, but I haven’t. I got the idea for this kind of blog—short (I fully intend these posts to go eighty-eight or so words, they just happen to go over), random—because I listen to a podcast—Core Intuition—and one of the hosts is planning on doing a micro blogging app. I’ve been wanting to get back into colloquial blogging forever, since before it was a terrible idea, which means the late aughts. He’s finally going to ship his micro blogging app. I have no idea if Summing-Up will integrate into it or not. It’s always interesting to listen to the podcast and hear him talk about it because I definitely got the idea from his passion for blogging, something I haven’t had in ages. I have a passion, to some degree, for the blogs, but I don’t have a passion for blogging. Even Summing-Up is its own monster at this point.

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