Patterns of Activity

Apparently I’m going with a little too passive titles today. “Of.” Ha. Not a fan. Passive voice and I have a lengthy history. I broke my dependence on it early in college, finding forcing active voice—even when passive was permissible—meant some great sentences. Now I don’t think about it. At least not for blogging. I have an active switch I turn on, but the default isn’t exactly passive friendly. It’s just not passive hostile. I’m having a difficult time rescheduling myself for evening activities. I’m used to chilling out, watching TV, playing a game, relaxing. Folding clothes (under personally enforced duress), but I’m not used to thinking after a day of work anymore. At one point in my life, I actually used to write after a day of work or school. I can’t even imagine now. My brain is so numb I can’t even read a comic and think about it right now. Not a condemnation of the format, just the reality I can’t come up with fifty words in response to something. Almost two hundred about how I can’t however? I can accomplish that task. It’s just not helpful for getting all the month’s Stop Button movies watched.

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