Failed writing projects, part two

The easiest one to remember is the one I worked on the longest. I kicked around a basic plot for almost a year. When I went back found all the writing, I was shocked. I had no idea I did it for so long. It was about a year after I graduated MFA school. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. More. Maybe two years. It was set in Chicago, I think. Pretty much nothing of it carried over into any other projects, except maybe in the conceptual stages of the second novel’s first draft. So when I was brainstorming it before NaNoWrimo of all things. It’s weird to have so much writing generated, but so little of it have any impact on me. Forgotten pieces are strange things to come across. For example, I’ve written about over 2,000 movies on The Stop Button. I can’t list them all, but I’ll bet I’d do amazing on a multiple choice quiz on them.

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