Failed writing projects, part one

It’s late. Real late. Probably the latest I’ve started doing Summing-Up posts. They’re not happening on lunch break. I wish they would, but they do not. So a theme, inspired by starting a new project tomorrow. Or trying to start a new project tomorrow. Failed writing projects from the ages. Before I went into MFA school, I wanted to write a story about a boss/mentor/role model who had recently passed away. Nothing directly inspired or based on him, just something with his personality infused into it. Some of it was combined with an anecdote (at least the spirit of the anecdote) from my immediately subsequent boss; he had this story about a guy running a hamburger truck in Hawaii. He’d given up all his mainland possessions and just drove around cooking hamburgers. It was going to be called Tahitian Wireless and it never got anywhere. I don’t even think to 2,500 words. Not good for a short story; it sputtered out almost immediately. Having the title didn’t help. From high school to the first thing I did in MFA school, I came up with titles first and wrote to fit them. With one exception; a screenplay I revised a lot. And because I’ve been wanting to tell this anecdote for a while. In MFA school, after I gave up on titles, I had one instructor who really didn’t like pieces not having titles. She also told me I was way too cynical about people. Well, we now know we live in a country of treacherous Russian whores (knowingly or not), so she was wrong and I was right. Ha.

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