No more smarts

For the last few months, I’ve been big into this app, Elevate. It’s one of those intelligence training game apps. Gamifying learning. Wow, it’s been over ten years since I first started hearing about gamifying. Originally it was in terms of my otherwise lackluster segment of Gen-X—because we grew up on home video game consoles, we’re more likely to look for problems. I’m sorry, we bought video game magazines with NES games laid out and that cheating plugin cartridge. We didn’t keep trying to find a solution. NES games were hard. Video games today aren’t difficult in the same way. Anyway, I deleted Elevate yesterday because I’ve been missing days. I’ve sort of peaked. I’ve won the game. At least as far as I’m going to win it. Have I gotten better at anything? Sure, paying attention. Not much else.

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