Project updates

I have nothing else to write about—the next chapter of Liza of Lambeth is way too long—so I thought I’d go over projects. Mostly for me, but also if you want to be bored or are trying to go to sleep. I’m about to go to sleep, so I’m actually writing this post with the subconscious desire for it to be exhausting to write. Will it be similarly exhausting to read? No idea. I don’t do the directly addressing the reader thing too much because I imagine there’s actual research into it and I’m not interested enough to read the research so I don’t do the thing. But I’ve got about twenty hours of movies to watch this month still. I’ve got a number of days off—additional ones—and I’m hoping to get it all done. Even though I choked on the novel editing last month, I’m glad I didn’t read Liza last month. I couldn’t have handled it. Manipulative British class fiction from the early twentieth century? It would’ve broken me. Especially coming immediately after finishing The Summing Up. If Summing-Up, the blog, is supposed to help me develop process and refine process and identify process, presumably not in that exact order, it’s going to need some failed tangents. So they can decompose and become part of the soil again, until the pH level is equal to the soil of the city of R’lyeh and wouldn’t it be hilarious if I went into a Lovecraft tangent? No. Maybe. I don’t know. I couldn’t do it. Though Providence. Holy shit. Providence.

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