I’m getting all thrown off. I’m not sure why, but I thought I already had two posts done today. It’s probably because I’m working on a new project, which is kind of an old project being revised, only with a new idea. The new idea isn’t new—I had it a couple years ago only to give up on it because I didn’t like the format, but I’ve rethought the format a little bit because of Summing-Up, a little bit because of… I don’t know, life. It’s not exactly an exciting project, but it sort of is an exciting project. I’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, because the plan is not to have to lose time for anything else to complete it. Big goals, I know. I keep forgetting Summing-Up; losing the sun is really messing with my head this year. I tell people who say something similar to me the discomfort is because of the lack of snow, as a visual cue. I’m not sure I believe it. It might be the election. I mean, is this how it felt in the fifties, constantly worrying the world was going to blow up. Stop, drop, roll.

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