Getting Organiziezed

I write posts for Summing-Up, for the most part, in an app called MacJournal. If I’m not using MacJournal, I’m not on one of my two computers. If I’m on the iPhone, it’s Drafts and then the WordPress app. If I’m on a PC, it’s some donation ware plaintext Markdown thing for Windows. There’s a process. It’s different from The Stop Button and Comics Fondle, which have identical processes. I wanted formatting parity because… well, because I always liked the credits blurb at the end. Or when it’s an aside in the TV Guide or whatever the Chicago Tribune did with a breakout. I never could get the breakout to work; well, maybe it did when I was using Sandvox but it was a bit of problematic hack. Anyway, there’s a lot of technology involved. I’m slow to decide, slow to change. But I’ve also got a bank statement with some notes written in the margins. These notes are important. They’re my notes on next year’s blogging stuff. Because I’m taking blogging more seriously as my writing output than before—instead of trying to force prose writing or editing—and the most important information has no digital copy right. I need to work on my organization.

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