Reading Habits

I’m reading Liza of Lambeth in this big Maugham collection I got off Amazon used for like six bucks. Hardcover. Real nice. Except it’s big. There’s nothing casual about reading it. It comes with its own presence. In other words, no other Liza post tonight because the next chapter is the longest so far and it feels late. It feels later than it should or it shouldn’t but it feels late. And I don’t think that sentence got anywhere. I think it looped and now it’s over. Point of view is important in Maugham. I’m underwhelmed. I know I’m not reading it at the right pace either; Maugham, as author, wants constant attention from the reader. He’s lumping the chapters, using the dialogue to pace out the reader. The lumping is something he did in The Summing Up too. But not in Narrow Corner. There’s an enthusiasm to Liza of Lambeth, but it’s an unfocused one.

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