A Disaffection Veneer

I saw a meme a few weeks ago about what the news would be like right now if the election had gone the other way. Something about Christmas decorations. The thing about 2016, the thing where you have to stop and look at the year and how it affected the sort of cultural mindset—the year started with David Bowie dying. Out of nowhere. Followed by Prince. Out of nowhere. Whoever else in between. So many others after. It wasn’t just the celebrity death trinity, it was a domino. With very significant dominos. We’re in a Russian tragedy all of a sudden, which seems appropriate. Hopefully just ironically and not thermonuclearly. But it’s not just celebrity deaths. It’s a lot of other things. Something about this year is cursed, because everyone is getting hit. Every part of Twitter I follow, 2016 has been bad. It’s a lot of false hopes being dashed. Beloved people dying, false hopes dashed, all before November. Right after the election, I saw a tweet saying something to the effect of, “We think this is our last normal Christmas, but it’s not going to be.” And it’s not. It’s not going to be normal. It’s not going to feel right. It’s going to feel bad. But for most people, especially most white people, it’s not going to be any different. Not yet. I think it’s going to be hard to argue 2016 didn’t kill Santa too.

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