Second person

I like organizational schemes a lot. Not math numbers, but the organization of numbers. Organization of data. It’s a little compulsive, which sucks and has been frustrating at times but I found a good field for it and it’s under control with other things. But, you know, you may have read numerous posts about Stop Button programming methodology. Because it’s data and it’s movable. It gets in the way of interests, quite frankly. If I can’t figure out how to codify it, maybe it doesn’t get done. The Stop Button’s a wonderful example. I had a very simple format for the titles, very unimaginative, but very pragmatic. It took me years to add stuff. Now, I barely care. I tried imaginative terminology a few years ago and it was about ten years too late for that sort of blogging behavior. It’s sort of nice though, because the longer form posts I wanted to do with Comics Fondle have led not just to Summing-Up but also Stop Button now. Redefining my creative output has been interesting. There’s less of that organization, less of that methodology. Summing-Up has a quota but not a program. Stop Button… well, that Superman: The Series post was just a test draft. I just put it up because, why wait on it? Admittedly, I’m just enjoying the breaking of the codifying in my writing process, but it’s also working.

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