Time for some petty

Not Tom Petty, unfortunately, even though we need to see him on tour next time he’s through because the wife’s done a Nick Cave (and will be doing another Nick Cave concert in a few months) and an Afghan Whigs (where Greg Dulli macked on her from stage, which was cool). But a petty post. An oblivious, petty post. About Christmas lights. Holiday lights. I’m a big fan of decorating, internally, with holiday lights. One of those things I learned in college. Like maybe Truman wasn’t a good role model and Alexander Hamilton would’ve done better as a president than anyone else). And other things. I learned lots in college. I do not like outside holiday lights when there is not snow. It doesn’t look right. Maybe it can look better in a desert setting, because of the way the ground is going to absorb the light, but aesthetically, holiday lights with no snow looks wrong. Nighttime sights—at least the ones created through lighting—are often impossible to photograph or film well with consumer devices. It’s why American Graffiti is so distinctive, so visually memorable. Evocative nighttime photography. Love it. What was I talking about?

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