The scheduling quandry

I love scheduling The Stop Button. If I could make a list of every movie I would watch in a year, I would. I can’t, however, because reality. A lot of what I do on The Stop Button is whimsical. There is no serious reason to talk about “Perry Mason” TV movies, though I suppose the same could be said about Universal Soldier Part Trois, Independence Day Too, and roughly ninety percent of movies coming out today. They’re interesting as ephemera, but we aren’t in golden days with movies here. We’re in a weird loop. Presumably VR will change it all if we make it long enough. Anyway—no one gets “anyway” being an Ordinary People reference, do they—anyway, I have all sorts of schedules and programming schemes and so on. The only thing outside of them—scheduled anyway—are blogathon posts and screeners. Speaking of screeners, I thought I was going to get a Christian Christmas movie starring Shawnee Smith but no such luck. Kind of rude, because the press agent solicited me. But I think I need to get more spontaneous, just for the pragmatism. I probably won’t, but it’s something I’m working on. Slowly.

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