Until the late nineties, I always assumed I was going to have movies over and over again. I grew up watching certain films multiple times. Not just Star Wars, but Patriot Games. Basically almost everything released sell-through, I figured I’d watch over and over. Then I started working at the Options Exchange and I met a lot of colorful folks, including this one guy, John, who was a prick (I’m sure he voted for Trump and I’m sure, deep down, he actually knew better, he was just a prick). He and I didn’t get along, but I was the only person who’d seen anywhere near the number of movies he had seen so we inevitably talked. He didn’t rewatch. He was confident in his opinion the first time. He recommended a nineteen year-old movie to me, which he had only seen once, in the theater. Crazy. A lot of the movies I’m going back and watching again—like Dreamscape today—isn’t about disputing my teenage opinion, but confirming my early twenties one, when things started to crumble. Still, I recommend movies I haven’t seen in eleven years.

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