November movie recap

It’s time for the November movie recap or whatever I’m calling these posts. Oh, neat. Having the “Upcoming” posts on The Stop Button frames the months nicely. Front to back: Glengarry Glen Ross, Ghosts of Mars, Electric Dreams, Perry Mason: Sinister Spirit, Batman: The Movie, Perry Mason: Murdered Madam, Young Guns, Seems Like Old Times, Young Guns II, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Perry Mason: Scandalous Scoundrel, Midnight Cowboy, Panic Button, Perry Mason: Avenging Ace, Escape from Tomorrow, Kiss of Death, Arrival. Seventeen movies. I got all my silly scheduling things done. Every category, plus the stupid Young Guns movies and Arrival. And Batman: The Movie, which didn’t have anywhere near the positive nostalgia I thought it would. I did make some video things out of them, which were their own nightmare with YouTube and copyright until I remembered to frame them. Half okay Perry Mason, half bad. Glengarry disappointed. So did Mars. So did everything actually. I mean, Midnight Cowboy is good but I didn’t see the great. I wish I had. Basically, Electric Dreams was surprisingly solid with final act problems but no shit, it’s kind of an insane movie. And Panic Button was better than I expected. I’ve been dreading it for like fifteen years. But Eleanor Parker is great in it. She did that role—the sexy mature (meaning late thirties or early forties) not love interest but romantic possibility—better than anyone because of course she did, she could have been doing so much more. But it’s also a complete reverse of her forties ingenue parts. She was Maria, just the Warner Bros. forties studio version. The least disappointing were Ghosts of Mars and Kiss of Death. I even expected Young Guns to be better because I want to cut some slack to mainstream late eighties filmmaking but it was crap after all. I was right as a kid. Seems Like Old Times I sort of knew was ★★. I wished it’d be more, but it’s even more of a two than I thought it’d be. Lots on the schedule for next month—Dreamscape and Goodfellas from my watch list, Rear Window from MovieLens, The Big Easy for the family nostalgia picture, Tiger and the Pussycat for the Eleanor Parker movie (her other Italian movie), Dead Silence from the recommendation list, Journey Into Fear and Champion for blogathons. Oh, and She’s the One for the director emphasis, which is going to be a category more next year. Because I give The Stop Button annual projects. I don’t know why. I mean, I know why I have the projects, but I don’t remember why on the timing. Big month it feels like. Feeling pretty safe with Rear Window, Goodfellas, Big Easy, Champion. Dreamscape and She’s the One, I’m worried. Tiger and the Pussycat I’m sort of blah. Dead Silence, I’m hopeful. Journey Into Fear I have no idea.

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