Gee whiz

I’m startlingly unambitious when it comes to post topics. Startlingly. Nice adjective. I got back into adjectives after giving them up for college. My blog writing is so much more colloquial and adjectives just came back to my writing. They’re like cockroaches, really. I should have a better joke but none of them seem funny. Some pop culture reference. Instead, I’m stuck with them. How to cohabitant with adjectives and, worse, adverbs. I quickly ran away from them, those dastardly adjectives and foul-minded adverbs. Only to find myself unable to escape. They sound too good sometimes. They’re how I ended up writing a blog about Somerset Maugham’s work, which thankfully I get to return to doing in just two days. I haven’t thought about it in a while. But, gee whiz, Liza of Lambeth. Nothing says Happy Holidays like tragedy and poverty.

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