Neighbors is out on blu-ray

The movie Neighbors, which I’ve never seen, is out on blu-ray. When I was growing up, there was maybe one VHS release of it in the eighties. I’m not sure how long it stayed in print. It wasn’t easy to come by in the late nineties—though I don’t know why I would’ve wanted to see it. Maybe because I was a Belushi fan from Continental Divide—like as a kid, I’d come across it in Maltin and think, hey, it’s that guy from Continental Divide. I grew up in the Chicago area—Belushi got enough slack to cover the existence of a whole human brother. Anyway, in college, I watched Raging Bull for film class and got really into it. So I wanted to know what killed Cathy Moriarty’s career so suddenly. But I couldn’t find it. Or didn’t look hard. I just remember it was on R2 or R4 DVD and I maybe got it through Nicheflix but didn’t watch it. And now it’s out on blu-ray. And I don’t care anymore, because everything’s out there. Even The Witches. Amazon UK ships cheap. It’s a different time to get excited about film. DVD and streaming have created better film enthusiasts and entirely killed the profession of film critic. It got enough help from Roger Ebert and company starting with Phantom Menace, but the changes in delivery accelerated its demise. And so how do you function when the Criterion Collection’s release choices have more impact than any film critic? Well, it seems to be functioning about as well as could be expected, what with the Internet and the death of newspapers and all. I mean, it’s certainly no worse than the nineties, when Face/Off got good reviews. And everyone now has access to almost everything. So you’re seeing all these different kinds of film enthusiast pop up. And they’re far more multi-disciplined at much younger ages. You see it with the around thirty millennials too. It’s just how media consumption synthesized with media delivery. Delivery had ceased to be a part of it. David Lynch’s nightmare of films watched on smartphones became a reality and no one cared. People who don’t give a shit about Dune will be excited to watch “Twin Peaks” next year thanks to those little screens. It’s moving very, very fast. And now I need to go to bed and watch “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” on a little screen to piss off David Lynch.

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