The most natural thing

I got up around three-thirty this morning and watched a movie. I fed the cats early since Thanksgiving II is happening today but then I sat down, made some coffee, and watched a movie. It felt immature and it felt good. This pre-daybreak movie watching came after falling asleep while watching the first episode of “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends,” which I once joked would be the year two emphasis of Summing-Up. Maugham to Saturday morning cartoons. Seems about right for my ambitions. But I’m not sure how much I’m kidding because there’s a lot to “Amazing Friends” already, including how superhero cartoons can influence the reading of the comic books, along with how the cartoon does indeed try to appeal to girls as well as boys. Albeit with a cute dog versus machismo, but whatever. It might be more interesting than I thought. Lots of in-jokes too. Anyway, I’m going to have to nap later.

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