I watched “The Bradys”

My sister and I watched “The Bradys.” When it first aired, obviously, because there’s never been reruns or home video releases. Because it’s pretty bad, I imagine. But we’d started watching “The Brady Bunch” in the late eighties, partially to be sort of obnoxious because our parents couldn’t stand it, partially because it’s kind of fun to watch “The Brady Bunch.” There was a “Brady Christmas Movie” and we watched it, I think in a rerun, because “The Bradys” started soon after. We were also watching a lot of Christmas TV specials, I remember. I loved Christmas when I was a kid. 2016 just killed Florence Henderson on Thanksgiving, which is appropriate. And, since she was eighty-two, unfortunate. If someone’s iconic and happy, they got to stick around until ninety-one. When I saw the first Florence Henderson thing, I thought it was because she was anti-Trump or something. I really don’t want to find out Mrs. Brady voted for Trump.

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