A story about my friend Jim

It’s a geeky one. My friend Jim passed over a year ago. If you want to hear me and my friend Vernon—Vernon owns the comic shop, Jim and I were customers—cry about it, there’s a Comics Fondle podcast from last year. But I just watched the crossover for CW DC shows and it reminded me of when it was still the first season of “The Flash,” before we (meaning that select group of DC Comics fans who gave up for the most part following Jenette Kahn’s departure) weren’t quite sure what “The Flash” was going to deliver. We’d only had “Arrow” as an example and, sorry, even Helena Bertinelli should have been handled better, much less The Huntress. Now, Jim knew I was a Firestorm fan, though by my mid-twenties, it wasn’t really a thing I talked about a lot. We talked good comics, Jim, Vernon, and I. They got me into Love and Rockets. We talked Love and Rockets. We talked mainstream comics too, but if it was retro, it had to be good retro. But Jim knew I was a Firestorm fan. I’m not sure if he ever responded to my Jaws 3 comparison for the Ronnie and Caitlyn characters on “The Flash,” but he would’ve gotten that one too. The first flying appearance of Firestorm on “The Flash” has the arm trails. We were emailing about “The Flash” at some point after—Jim was behind—and I told him to just wait, he was going to see something he never thought he’d see. Firestorm’s freaking arm trails. They were just this goofy little detail. A couple months later, Jim finally caught up and emailed to agree. There’s something magic about seeing something imagined rendered real in just the way you imagined it. The best kind of confirmation bias. Confirmation bias for the soul. But I know Jim would have some great things to say about Invasion!, some great stories. I miss that guy. And, no offense to my other friends out there, he was actually someone everyone liked. I don’t usually get along with that kind of loved person. The moral of the story? Life is dumb. But it does have its moments.

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