The Kids are All Right

I’m not sure I’ve written about this topic before, but it’s possible. So if it’s on repeat, I apologize. But I’m damned impressed with kids these days. Not kids, but smart college-age ones. There’s an intellectual competency—a critical thinking competency—I don’t think I saw a lot when I was in college. And I was a little older than the rest of my freshman class, which was about the only time age would have been a common factor. By sophomore year and onward, there was a lot less commonality with age. My college wasn’t a place most people stayed for four years; for example, when someone found out I went to Southern Oregon, they were shocked I actually graduated from it. Lots of people used it to springboard. Anyway, the kids today seem all right. They seem like they’d get through a semester of Islamic Middle East and know not to call Muslims Islams, which I can’t say for my class in 2002. Islams gets the red dotted underline too, so these folks weren’t even listening to spell check. It’s a shame they’re inheriting a fucked up world, dying of heat exhaustion and probably a lot worse to come. But they’re the best generation, intellectually speaking, the world’s seen. These people are the ones who figured out how to use the Internet best for their own self-edification.

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