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Not a deep subject matter. Not a difficult one. Maybe an annoying one. The recut movie trailer. So popular in the pseudo-post YouTube copyright era. The latest thing is to do every superhero movie with Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt playing in the background. Remember when people would cut Shining trailers to be comedies and so on? I liked those trailers. They were funny. Recutting the Wonder Woman trailer to have Hurt playing in the background is as utter nonsense as cutting the Man of Steel trailer with the John Williams music, though at least recutting Man of Steel with John Williams would be some kind of call for comparison between the films and how they function. Hip recuts of trailers aren’t just why trailers suck now, they’re why a movie like Suicide Squad exists. They’re icky bad. As someone who cut fake trailers using VidEdit in the mid-1990s on a Gateway, I know of what I speak. The supercut sensation is dangerous, if occasionally rewarding. Technology lets us do lots of dumb things. Recut movie trailers are another of them. The technology is accessible enough, sophisticated enough to do actual work. However, no, I’m not cutting a Mannequin mannequin challenge because Gottlieb has a lot of movement from his actors in every shot. I’m also lazy and I don’t want waste my time creating virtual detritus. I do, however, apparently want to rant like an angry old man.

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