The long day

Odd I started out the day thinking it was off to an ominous start, then wrote about that foreboding feeling being silly, and am now writing about how the ominous feel was justified. It was a long day. And it seems like everyone is kind of having long days. Not just today either. The foreboding feeling is hitting everyone. Thanksgiving is more a dare than a holiday. Will racist conversations continue as usual or will white liberals finally say no and metaphorically stab their racist relations with safety pins. And some will stab. And some won’t. And some will lie and say they did. It’ll bother some people and they’ll talk about it. It won’t bother others and they won’t talk about it. It’ll probably be more women than men who do stand up. And for some people, standing up will be enough. It’ll be over. But those people will be a little older, at least thirties. It’ll be the blasted millennials who stick with it. Because what we’ve learned from the Occupy movement is, if you can afford to check out and worry more about seasonal artisanal microbrews, we’re going to do it. And by we, I do mean white people.

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