More late night

One of my big short-term life goals is a responsible bed time. It’s not going to be easy. It’s getting worse, actually. But as soon as I stick with working out in the morning for more than a week and a half and it becomes routine, it’ll be less miserable to do if I go to bed a little earlier. Not even a lot. Like ten-thirty instead of eleven-thirty. I’m such a shit but I hate writing time in decimals. Using certain styles makes it more of a reading experience. The majority of reading done today is (ostensibly) non-fiction. There’s been some great social media fiction but it hasn’t become a regular thing. Non-fiction is about the conveyance of information. The important part is the information; the conveyance is supposed to facilitate the transmission as clearly as possible. In theory. So, no decimal times. Why? Because at the sound of the tone the time will be ten-fifty-one. How obnoxious. I wouldn’t actually write ten-fifty-one. I wouldn’t. I just did. Twice. I’m disgusted. Now it’s ten-fifty-two.

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