High school memories

There’s a viral video of this black girl telling her ignorant white teacher what’s up. It’s great and I recommend it. It’s not great in terms of it having to be said. It’s also not great in terms of a child knowing more about the social realities of the United States than her teacher. But it’ll make you feel good about the future generation. Though there are plenty of examples of great potential in the future generation and it’s not like we (collectively) needed to give them an apocalypse to succeed in. But it brought up some high school memories from me. Nothing terrible, just the memory of the white teacher not listening to the black student. Not the regular white teachers so much, but definitely the substitute teachers. And maybe the science guys. The science guys, albeit kind of good guys in some ways, were not ready for a dialogue. Even in the nineties, it was about getting enough information across instead of actually engaging the kids. College was, of course, better. But not until MFA school did the pedagogy actually involve synthesis between instructor and students. And I get why it can’t happen in high school, but it needs to happen then. It needed to for me and it didn’t. And I went into college reluctantly and not expecting much. It took me longer than it should have to find the right intellectual direction in college. MFA school I got real lucky. First semester, I was on the wrong path and a registrar’s assistant’s class pick put me on the right one.

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