Autocorrected spelling

I rarely need autocorrect. I don’t have a particularly big active vocabulary at any one time or another. The Stop Button is supposedly at a high sixth grade level and Summing-Up is at a high fifth. I don’t make any money off these things so colloquial is what they’re going to be. It’s probably the stupid Raymond Chandler. I got really into Chandler for a while before MFA school but after undergrad—or in the last year of undergrad—and I do like that style. I read Dashiell Hammett when I was a kid and I just can’t anymore. The writing is just… a little much. But not Chandler. Chandler’s awesome. I’m not sure why I’m blaming him for my limited vocabulary, however. My limited active vocabulary. This post was originally about me not liking autocorrect because then I don’t learn what I did wrong. Clearly, the post got lost along the way.

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