Early morning

It’s a rare late start morning. In high school I think we called them B days. But it’s more than just a late start, because Wednesdays are always late starts for me—and later night—days, but it’s an actual set the alarm forty-five minutes after the usual wakeup time. And not just because of snooze. So, of course, I woke up at an hour and a half before the alarm’s set to go off (it still hasn’t) and, after fifteen minutes of twisting and turning, I got up. I’ve been really productive. I fed cats, made coffee, did my pointless and likely useless mental training app, goofed off on the Internet, wrote this post. I can’t decide if it’s a sign I wanted a longer late start day, I’m sleeping better, or I’ve adjusted to daylight savings. Regardless, time for more coffee.

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