On demand

I like creativity on demand. It’s not something I get to do often. I’ve always wanted to break out a twenty-two episode TV season, just for fun. I’ll bet if you broke out a twenty-two episode TV season, the extra material you’d generate while working on those logline would be gold. Like you take the content you can’t help but devise, but not the plot you have to devise. When I was in high school and after, when I wrote, I wanted a system. Notecards. I once tried to get my best friend to write a screenplay (on demand) when he visited. We didn’t get any work done. We don’t work the same way, even then. I like generating ideas. I’ve also had so many years of writing, constantly, at this point, I’m better at presenting those ideas than I would have been. Why do I feel like I need to read Ficciones again? I think I read that one back when I was in undergrad, but before any writing. My dad always had a copy around and I wanted to read it. Yeah, I think I’d read it before I started creative writing my junior year. Anyway, one would think I would’ve been into flash fiction but no. It’s also possible I just read way too many episode guides back when the Internet and I were young.

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