Delicate impulses

I’m all about writing impulses. And artistic gestures. I always drafted an entire short story in one sitting. Or, if it was undergrad and way too long, I’d at least have an idea of where it was going. I didn’t want the plot to get out of control. Now, of course, I want the plot to just be the initial impulse, the initial gesture. Less manipulating, more making. With blogging however, especially micro-essays–wow, I can’t imagine having the levity to tag line something “micro-essays, micro-maugham, micro-city one” anymore–but with these posts, the impulse should be shorter. Just needs to carry a hundred words or less. Because there’s no manipulation, just making. The point was setting up the site for limited writing time. I just can’t write for the limited word count. I can’t truncate the impulse. Or, if I do, it upsets me. I’m delicate that way.

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