Multiple projects

Thanks to my long-winded nature and just general agitation once I start writing, Summing-Up has become the majority of my output, which was never my intention for the site. I truly thought I’d be able to do eighty-eight word posts four times a day about little things. How I feel about chapstick or flash drives or LEGOs. Whatever. But my style is changing through expansion; I got rid of length constraints on my other blogs, though with some modifications at Comics Fondle, but I’m writing longer posts. Summing-Up was supposed to help with it, instead it’s become my main project. It’s the thing I race to finish as the clock strikes twelve and I have to stop providing the writing Mogwai with food. It seemed better in my head. Did it ever get established how the Mogwai clean themselves? You know who should remake Gremlinsβ€”Aardman. Aardman should do it. Anyway, Summing-Up is occupying my brain pan more than any of the other sites or the novel revision as far as projects go. The problem I see is I had zero ambition for it. I have enthusiasm. Lots of it. But no ambition.

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