Critical reevaluation

When I was a teen–and even a late teen and an early twenties person–I really thought certain films would get reevaluated. No way One Night Stand would go unappreciated for long. No way Denise Calls Up wouldn’t get its due. Someone would wake up and realize The Faculty is fantastic. Thanks to Twitter, I’ve found maybe three other people who appreciate One Night Stand. And maybe two other people who appreciate The Faculty. No luck on Denise Calls Up so far. Films do get reevaluated, of course. The Thing, obviously, and a lot of Carpenter’s work. Probably helps there’s no more critical establishment. And The Bourne Identity. Once it became a hit franchise in the aughts, it’s gotten a complete critical pass. When I was a teen and getting into more film, I kept discovering things. My friends kept discovering things; we shared these films we’d discovered and so on. But critical reevaluation doesn’t happen. It seems like maybe it hasn’t for decades, which is unfortunate.

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